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The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book

The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book

Bitmap Books

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Dive into the golden age of 16-bit gaming with "The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book" by Bitmap Books in collaboration with German publisher Elektrospieler. This lavish 272-page volume celebrates the iconic Nintendo SNES console with meticulously translated articles exploring its vast library of games.

Discover in-depth insights into major genres found in the SNES's portfolio, accompanied by thousands of specially selected screenshots. From colossal spaceships to multi-screen boss monsters, experience your favorite games and characters in unique ways rarely seen before.

Featuring a vast array of titles, from obscure oddities to beloved classics like "Street Fighter II," "Super Mario World," "Super Castlevania IV," and "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past," each game is beautifully presented and preserved for eternity.

Organized by genre, the book offers thoughtful insights into the evolution of gaming genres and design trends, providing a fascinating glimpse into the video game landscape of today. With years of dedicated work by authors Robert Bannert and Christine Bauer, along with translator Thomas Nickel, this book represents a labor of love.

Presented in a hardback format with a spot-varnished protective slipcase, "The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book" maintains Bitmap Books' commitment to superlative standards of quality and design.

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