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The Secret History of Mac Gaming

The Secret History of Mac Gaming

Bitmap Books

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Delve into the revolutionary world of Mac gaming with "The Secret History of Mac Gaming" by award-winning journalist and game historian Richard Moss. This captivating book explores how the Macintosh transformed video games, challenging the medium to be more than just child's play and quick reflexes.

Discover how Mac gaming led to groundbreaking innovations in human-computer interaction, fostering creative communities and spawning some of the biggest franchises in video game history, including Myst, Halo, and SimCity. Through archive material and 80 interviews with key figures from the era, Moss unveils the untold stories of passionate developers who followed their hearts first and market trends second, embodying the Mac mantra to "think different."

Featuring guest chapters from Craig Fryar, Apple's first Mac games evangelist, and stunning 1-bit illustrations by graphic designer JJ Signal, "The Secret History of Mac Gaming" offers a visually stunning and immersive reading experience. With 480 pages of content, including eye-catching colored page edges, a hardback cover printed with pantone inks, and a color-coded bookmark ribbon, this newly-expanded edition adds around 70 pages of extra content, including a foreword by Graeme Devine and an annotated timeline.

As with all books from Bitmap Books, "The Secret History of Mac Gaming" is meticulously researched and printed lithographically on high-quality paper for maximum visual impact.

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