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PC Engine The Box Art Collection

PC Engine The Box Art Collection

Bitmap Books

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Extending our wildly popular Box Art Collection series, PC Engine: The Box Art Collection offers essential reading for long-standing fans of NEC's mighty console, retrogaming devotees of every kind, and anyone with an interest in the fascinating relationship that games, art and popular culture share.

Why? Because the PC Engine was more than just a games console. It was part of a movement in the late-1980s that saw a bold new aesthetic emerge in Japan that would soon spread across the globe, shaping art, design, and creativity everywhere it went. As the country's games, movies, music, design, and fashion influenced one another, the brilliant box art of the PC Engine's remarkable library capably captured the spread of artistic approaches and styles that made up the movement.

PC Engine: The Box Art Collection celebrates the diversity, vibrancy, sophistication, and personality seen across the covers of the best and most interesting Japanese releases for NEC's undersized powerhouse, including Adventure Island, Darius Plus, Bomberman '93, YS I & II, Soldier Blade, PC Denjin (Air Zonk), Akumajō Dracula X: Chi no Rondo (Castlevania: Rondo of Blood), Devil Crash, and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition.

At 372 pages in length, PC Engine: The Box Art Collection includes more than 300 professionally shot pieces of box art, along with carefully reproduced screenshots – all presented with Bitmap Book’s design-led approach. We've worked hard to make every page packed with thoughtful, exciting design – just like those PC Engine game covers. And every game featured includes an insightful review and expert summary.

The standard edition of PC Engine: The Box Art Collection features a striking metallic red foil logo on the hardback cover. As with all our publications, we print lithographically on high-quality paper to showcase the gorgeous visuals as the games deserve. We equally use thread sewn binding for extra durability and the ability to lay the book open flat.

About the publisher:
Bitmap Books work with the world's most experienced writers, designers and gaming experts to create meticulously researched, visually ambitious retro gaming books. As a design-led publisher, visual quality matters to us. We don’t just obsessively pursue the best printing quality currently available. We want to constantly push the envelope when it comes to expectations about printing techniques.

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