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Digital Download: Retro Tea Breaks Volume One (PDF)

Digital Download: Retro Tea Breaks Volume One (PDF)

The Cave

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This is the digital download version of Retro Tea Breaks Vol.1. It is in PDF format.

Retro Tea Breaks is a collection of interviews with pioneers who have helped shape the computer, console and video game industry.

As time passes, it is becoming more and more important that we record these voices and first-hand experiences while we still have access to them. That's my goal with the Retro Tea Break series, and within this book I hope to capture and share these fantastic memories and experiences with you all.

This volume includes 14 very special conversations with: 

  •  The Oliver Twins (British 8-bit pioneers)
  •  Richard Garriott (Origin Systems founder and astronaut)
  •  Al Lowe (Sierra, Video Game Developer)
  •  George 'The Fat Man' Sanger (Composer, Freelance/Lucas Arts)
  •  Bill Volk (Developer, Activision/Avalon Hill)
  •  Francois Lionet (Developer, STOS/AMOS)
  •  Mark Ferrari (Lucas Games Artist)
  •  Rob Hubbard (Composer, C64 Maestro/Electronic Arts)
  •  Stoo Cambridge (Artist, Sensible Software)
  •  Jon St. John (Voice Over Artist, Duke Nukem 3D)
  •  Mike Dailly (DMA, Grand Theft Auto/Lemmings)
  •  David Fox  (Developer, Lucas Arts)
  •  Chris Sawyer (Transport Tycoon, RollerCoaster Tycoon)
  •  Ken Silverman (Build engine)

Each interview includes technical breakouts and explanations to support the conversation, and a centrefold illustrates the release timeline of discussed games as well as full colour pixel portraits of each guest by Sensible Software artist Stoo Cambridge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great desk / coffee table read

Its always good to hear the stories from retro pioneers and this book does a great of packaging these up in an approachable way. I actually find myself enjoying the printed interviews more than the videos.

Props to whoever decided on the book proportions. It really lends itself to being picked up and flicked through. Love it.

Ben P. Stein
Interesting, well-edited interviews with major figures of game pioneers

I have many books about the history of video and computer games, which together cover a lot of ground on the medium. But even if you already have a large collection of books like me, I still highly recommend this volume, because of Neil's distinctive and intelligent interviews with a number of key figures, including Richard Garriott and Chris Sawyer. If you've seen the video versions of these interviews, I believe you'll still enjoy them, because they are well-edited and highly readable. Last but not least, Neil made the PDF super-easy to download and reasonably priced. Recommended on all counts!

Steve Graham

Brilliant read!