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A Gremlin in The Works - The History of Gremlin Graphics

A Gremlin in The Works - The History of Gremlin Graphics

The Cave

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With the British computer game scene on the brink of explosion, a small shop named Just Micro emerged on Sheffield's Carver Street, founded by Ian Stewart and Kevin Norburn in 1984. Both had backgrounds in retail but harbored a desire to venture into games publishing. The shop quickly attracted local talent like Pete Harrap, Shaun Hollingworth, and Tony Crowther, leading to the formation of Gremlin Graphics.

This lavish 572-page book traces the company's journey, from its initial successes with Monty Mole, Jack The Nipper, and Thing On A Spring, to its groundbreaking Lotus-branded racing games, and eventual acquisition by Infogrames in 1999.

Endorsed by founder Ian Stewart, A Gremlin In The Works by Mark Hardisty features interviews and anecdotes from key members such as Chris Kerry, Ben Daglish, and Greg Holmes, along with stalwarts of the UK gaming scene like Rod Cousens, Tim Chaney, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Geoff Brown, and Infogrames founder Bruno Bonnell, among many others.

Filled with game imagery, memorabilia, and archive material including old letters, business cards, staff photos, and game design documents, this exhaustive and comprehensive chronicle offers insight into one of Britain's most beloved developers and explores the meteoric rise of the gaming scene in the '80s and '90s.

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