Atari CX40 VCS / 2600 Joystick Patent Poster Print

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Product Overview

This presentation of the iconic joystick is made using the original patent documents in a layout which is exclusive to RMC.  Classic Atari CX40 joystick patent design printed on a poster in your chosen size.

  • Professionally printed onto 200GSM photo paper.
  • Original Canon Lucient inks for vivid and accurate color replication.
  • Framed options are high quality wood effect in a variety of colours. Clear acrylic instead of glass to avoid breakages. Frame width is 28mm.

The Atari CX40 joystick was the first widely used cross-platform game controller. The original CX10 appeared on the Atari 2600 in 1977, and was considered such a great advance over other controllers that it became the primary input device for most games on the platform. The CX10 was replaced after a year by the much simpler and less expensive CX40. The addition of the Atari joystick port to other platforms cemented its popularity, and millions of CX40's were produced and used on almost every game console and home computer of the era.

The CX40 was so popular during its run that it became as iconic to Atari as the company's "Fuji" logo; it remains a common staple in video game iconography to this day, and is commonly referred to as the symbol of 1980s video game system design. The CX40 has been called "the pinnacle of home entertainment controllers in its day".


(No reviews yet) Write a Review